Free Webabilites Checkup Download

Free Webabilites Checkup Download

Client Video Testimonial

Hi. My name is Larry Vellucci. I am providing the video testimonial below for one reason alone: gratitude. My experience with Doug (The Website Guy) and (Best Way Websites) Port Angeles Website Services is all good.

I happily and enthusiastically endorse everything Doug says and does. I have learned over the last few years that EVERYTIME I listen to Doug's advice ... I make more money as a result!

Thanks, Larry!

(Larry is only saying what he does because it is true. I know what I'm doing. I can help you grow your business via your website. I can help you attract more clients, increase their satisfaction, & make more money!)

Doug, "The Website Guy"

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Free Webabilities Checkup

Download Your Free Copy of My "Webabilities Checkup" ebook!

The Webabilities Checkup is a 30 page ebook that presents these 14 questions:

  1. Is Your Website FLEXABLE?
  2. Is Your Website VALUABLE?
  3. Is Your Website DEPENDABLE?
  4. Is Your Website PERSONABLE?
  5. Is Your Website FUNCTIONABLE?
  6. Is Your Website VISABLE?
  7. Is Your Website USEABLE?
  8. Is Your Website BELIEVABLE?
  9. Is Your Website FINDABLE?
  10. Is Your Website SCANABLE?
  11. Is Your Website READABLE?
  12. Is Your Website RESPONSABLE?
  13. Is Your Website CONVERTIBLE?
  14. Is Your Website PROFITABLE?

You read the ebook (you may download the PDF and print a copy for yourself is you want.  Just don't redistribute, OK?

The ebook will help you to answer the questions above and you can "grade" your site.  Use the Webabilities Checkup as a guide to improve your site and then go back and grade it again.

I'm here if you need expert help.  I make my living doing this.  Maybe you'll decide to purchase some of my services.  That would be cool.

Just complete the form below and submit it (fields marked with a red * asterisk are required) to receive your free webabilities checkup!

I'm sure it will help you!

Doug (The Website Guy)




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