Free Webabilites Checkup Download

Free Webabilites Checkup Download

Client Video Testimonial

Hi. My name is Larry Vellucci. I am providing the video testimonial below for one reason alone: gratitude. My experience with Doug (The Website Guy) and (Best Way Websites) Port Angeles Website Services is all good.

I happily and enthusiastically endorse everything Doug says and does. I have learned over the last few years that EVERYTIME I listen to Doug's advice ... I make more money as a result!

Thanks, Larry!

(Larry is only saying what he does because it is true. I know what I'm doing. I can help you grow your business via your website. I can help you attract more clients, increase their satisfaction, & make more money!)

Doug, "The Website Guy"

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Free Webmaster Service

Free Webmaster Service

I am happy to provide an initial webmaster service for any small business owner FREE.  

Why?  I do this with the hopes that you will purchase services from me as a result.  This provides a way for you to know that we are expert at what we do here, so we can win your confidence.


  • We can work with any site, using any CMS.
  • We can work with any code language.
  • We can make edits via HTML and FTP.


  • Webmaster service is NOT developing a new site, it is making edits or correcting errors on an existing site.
  • If you site is "trashed" or riddled with "crappy" code, we won't work on it.  (Such sites need to be redeveloped...)
  • If you have LOST control of your domain name, we can help you recover it, but we will not do this service free.
  • Free Webmaster service does NOT include working on ecommerce stores (we will work on them, but we won't do it for free)


  • For US Based, Owned and Operated Businesses Only
  • For business owners / managers only.  (Not for webmasters that they are paying that don't know how to do what they are supposed to be doing!)
  • The initial, Free service is limited to 30 mins of work.
  • We can do a lot in 30 minutes!


Note: you MUST know that your credentials work.  If they do not work, we cannot help you.  We can help you recover them, but not for free.

  • For CMS edits We MUST have working credentials for your site
    • URL to your CMS
    • Username
    • Password
  • For Code or HTML edits
    • Hostname (url)
    • Username
    • Password


  • If your supplied path to cms, hostname, username & password do not work ...
  • Your free webmaster service is spent!
  • We can't afford to give you free time trying to figure out how to login to your site.
  • You can pay us to help you with that!

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